Child Education

Women Ministry

90 million females in India are non-literate, but 20 per cent of children aged 6 to 14 are still not in school and millions of women remain non-literate despite the spurt in female literacy.

Several problems persist:
issues of social distance – arising out of caste,
class and gender differences – deny children equal opportunities.

Child labour in some parts of the country and resistance to sending girls to school remain real concerns. The education system faces a shortage of resources, schools, classrooms and teachers. Many children drop out before completing five years of primary education; many of those who stay on learn little. Girls belonging to marginalised social and economic groups are more likely to drop out of school at an early age. With one upper primary school for every three primary schools, there are simply not enough upper primary centres even for those children who complete primary school. For girls, especially, access to upper primary centres becomes doubly hard.

Smile trust arranging evening tuition in rural areas and creating awareness among the people for the education and mainly we help the economically disadvantage students to continue their studies by providing financial support

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